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Drinking Water Services a trading name of Waterlink Services has expanded our network beyond our core area in the South East and is now able to offer direct water delivery services to supply clean and potable water across most areas of England.

These services can be planned as regular deliveries or ordered on an ad-hoc or one off basis.

See our recent case study on delivering water to the Olympic Village

We can supply water for:

The tankers that are used for potable supply are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with industry hygiene standards, and are fitted with air filters to ensure the water is delivered safely and to drinking water quality standards.

Many of our customers have specific requirements which we can meet, for instance supplying unchlorinated or untreated clean water.

We can deliver in a range of rigid-body or trailer sizes from 10,000 litres up to 25,000 litres, normally at short notice.

We are also able to provide 1,000 and 2,000 litre bowsers and a range of refill and onsite hire options.

Water can be supplied from South East Water's boreholes which abstract from the chalk or greensand aquifers, high quality natural sources of spring water.

All water deliveries comply with the various DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) guidlines covering potable water such as those pertaining to: Tankers, bowsers and other bulk water containers; Materials in contact with water; Vehicles

Alternative supplies of raw water or mains treated water can also be delivered.


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Direct delivery to you. We are now able to provide 25,000 litre tanker deliveries where you have water storage for the tanker to off load into.

Contact us direct on 0845 345 6008 to discuss you requirements.

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